BaSynaos: SYNAOS launches research project with the DFKI

  • BaSynaos is a new research project that SYNAOS is conducting in collaboration with the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI).
  • The aim of the project is to enable unified access to real-time planning data for all assets.
  • Assets are network-enabled components in logistics and production. For example, they include mobile robots, transport vehicles and machines as well as the products themselves.
  • Manufacturer-specific interfaces complicate or prevent the exchange of information. Therefore, there is a demand for standardized interfaces that enable manufacturer-independent management.

Hannover, April 20, 2021. The software company SYNAOS has started a partnership with the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI). In their satellite project BaSynaos, both partners want to optimize the exchange of information in logistics and production. This would make it possible to uniformly orchestrate machines and robots produced by different manufacturers.

Automation, digitalization and globalization are making logistics centers and factories increasingly flexible. Given these changing production conditions, the ability to adapt rapidly is in demand. The key to success is the complete digitalization of business processes and production processes.

To enable smooth coordination between the many different components involved in logistics and production – such as mobile robots, transport vehicles and machines – there must be standardized methods of describing these assets. In addition, the management systems have to be perfectly coordinated with one another. Holistic and adaptive control and optimization for the entire process of logistics and production is the ultimate goal for SYNAOS. Major steps in this direction have already been accomplished, but there is still a great deal of potential for the future.

Utilizing the potential of BaSyx

Currently, SYNAOS orchestrates different manufacturer systems in intralogistics – in the future, the entire factory operation will be controlled. For this purpose, the planning algorithms from SYNAOS are connected to the open-source middleware BaSyx, for example to record the status of facilities and incorporate this data into planning. “The goal is to achieve unified control not only of transport systems but also of the facilities to which they bring materials”, explains project manager Dr. Christoph Schinner. The middleware makes it possible to take this crucial step forward. The BaSynaos project will last two years and end in February 2023.

SYNA.OS as an application

BaSynaos uses BaSys 4.2 and its reference implementation BaSyx as a foundation to achieve unified access to the real-time data concerning assets. External online planning systems can be connected. Practical use cases are obtained from the software solutions SYNA.OS LOGISTICS and SYNA.OS MANUFACTURING. This latter program will be completed in 2023; until then, valuable findings from the BaSynaos project will be incorporated into the development process. SYNA.OS LOGISTICS and SYNA.OS MANUFACTURING enable coordinated planning and optimization of production and intralogistics.

BaSys and BaSynaos

If BaSynaos is the satellite, then BaSys 4.2 is the planet. As part of the research project (, the DFKI is implementing central concepts and standards from Industry 4.0 together with 14 partners from the field of research and the industrial sector. The goal is to develop a basic system for production facilities. This system should make it possible to change a production process rapidly – this is one of the central challenges of Industry 4.0.

SYNAOS revolutionizes the field of logistics

SYNAOS is a pioneer in the networking of autonomous transport vehicles, forklifts and mobile robots in intralogistics. The software operating system SYNA.OS LOGISTICS acts as a conductor for the fleet, controlling up to 1000 vehicles in a virtuoso performance. Holistic fleet optimization improves efficiency and considerably reduces costs. No other solution on the market delivers comparable results.

Rapid growth for SYNAOS

SYNAOS was founded in 2018 and has grown steadily since then: more than 75 employees are currently working for the company in the heart of Hanover. By the end of 2018, SYNAOS

had already found a powerful financial investor in Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg, which provided six million euros. SYNAOS has also established numerous hardware partnerships, for example with Linde, Götting, MLR, Tünkers and Kuka. The first reference customers for SYNAOS are Volkswagen AG and the online retailer Connox.

Founders and experts

The three founders of SYNAOS, Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg (CEO), Dr. Lennart Bochmann (CPO) and Tobias Gagern (CTO) have many years of experience between them in the automotive industry as well as the field of IT. Their valuable expertise is now flowing through the veins of SYNAOS and driving the startup to peak performance.

The advisory board of SYNAOS is also staffed by experienced experts, for example AI pioneer Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, inventor of the term Industry 4.0 and co-initiator of the movement. He is joined by entrepreneur Lars Jankowfsky, one of the most well-known tech entrepreneurs in the world. With us from the start is Albert Klein, the Chairman of the Advisory Board, who has connections with important investors around the world. Together, they strive to successfully fulfil the promise of Industry 4.0.