What happens after you

apply to work at SYNAOS?

Our journey together starts with your application. How long will it take? This depends on your individual circumstances, and we have designed a structured application process to give you insight into the way we work and your potential workplace.

1 – Getting to know each other


If we like your application, our recruiters will interview you. They will also answer your questions and you can learn more about us.


2 – The online interview


After the recruiter interview, we will invite you to an online interview with our team members. During this interview, we will discuss your role at SYNAOS.


3 – The expert session


To find out whether we are a good fit for collaboration, we will invite you to an expert session. Here you will spend time with your future team and gain insight about the way we work. Show us what you are capable of!


4 – The founder interview


One of our founders will take the time to meet you personally. And then you’ve made it!


5 – Onboarding


We want you to feel welcome and comfortable with us! That’s why you will be able to access our onboarding website even before starting work. In the mood for a team event? Feel free to participate and get to know your colleagues in a casual environment. In your first days with us, you will have a structured onboarding process so you know exactly how things work.

Current jobs

We need experts. Talent. Ambitious people. Movers and shakers. Programmers. AI experts. IT professionals.Creatives. People who think one step ahead. People who make their voices heard. Pioneers. We’re looking for interns, young professionals and experienced experts. We’re looking for you.

Feel free to browse through our current job listings. We look forward to your application! Do you have any questions? Write us or give us a call!

Job vacancies