Cost Calculator: This is how much SYNAOS customers save

In the area of intralogistics, SYNA.OS LOGISTICS makes it possible to save on expensive hardware and its maintenance. Thanks to holistic optimization in real time, fewer vehicles are required to manage the required workload at all times. The SYNAOS cost calculator lets you find out exactly how much money can be saved.


The unique software solution from SYNAOS helps to save on AGVs in intralogistics: Up to 30 percent fewer vehicles is enough to deliver the required workload at all times. SYNAOS achieves this using AI-based algorithms that optimize transport orders holistically and in real time. Thanks to scalable cloud technology, the software calculates more than 250,000 solutions every second, continually and without interruption. Driverless transport vehicles such as AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robot) are always used to their ideal capacity and goods reach their destination on time.

But how much money are customers potentially able to save with SYNAOS? To answer this question as precisely as possible, SYNAOS has developed an ROI cost calculator that clearly represents the “Return on Investment”. As is typical for such calculations, the figures are not precise down to the smallest details. Nevertheless, they provide a realistic overview of the potential savings that SYNA.OS LOGISTICS makes possible. Three practical scenarios demonstrate the specific amounts that can be saved.


Starting small, growing in the future


A hypothetical customer would like to start off small initially and plans on having 10 vehicles, for example, that each cost 40,000 euros and come from a single manufacturer. Additional costs are required for elements such as maintenance, control software and IT integration. As a conservative estimate, the use of SYNA.OS LOGISTICS enables savings of 20 percent. More precisely, this means that two fewer AGVs are required, which corresponds to savings of 80,000 euros on the purchase price alone.

Thanks to AI optimization, 8 AGVs operated using the SYNAOS software can deliver the same result as 10 vehicles would otherwise. Savings are achieved not only on the one-time purchase price of each AGV, but also on their running maintenance costs. Many customers are also thrilled about the space that is freed up: after all, more transport vehicles take up more room. If a production hall or warehouse already has limited space, every vehicle that can be eliminated is worth a great deal.

In this example, the customer would save a total of 203,000 euros in the first year with SYNAOS. After this, the savings amount to 23,000 euros per year.

Using SYNA.OS LOGISTICS allows customer to save not only the cost of two AVGs and their maintenance (88,000 euros) but also the cost of the control software (115,000 euros). This results in total savings of 203,000 euros in the first year. In subsequent years, the customer can save 23,000 euros per year thanks to the SYNAOS software. The customer no longer has to pay the maintenance costs for the two eliminated AGVs (8,000 euros) or the maintenance costs for the control software (15,000 euros). In total, 295,000 euros can be saved after five years.

SYNA.OS LOGISTICS pays off for small-scale projects like this, or for even smaller projects – particularly with a view to the future. A small fleet can be expanded to include new vehicles at any time thanks to the software’s hardware-independent operation. It’s no longer necessary to have multiple control stations from various manufacturers: SYNA.OS LOGISTICS issues transport orders independently and optimizes them without interruption. This software is not just a typical fleet manager: it works as a powerful operating system.


SYNAOS simplifies AGV purchasing


Typically, the process for purchasing AGVs is as follows: The customer selects a suitable hardware manufacturer for their operation, checks the fleet manager and IT integration and negotiates with the manufacturer to determine the cost of vehicles, control station, IT integration, maintenance and training. If the fleet needs to be expanded later on, this time-intensive process has be reinitiated from the beginning. But customers can become tied to a single hardware manufacturer (“vendor lock-in”) because their control station is not capable of controlling vehicles from other manufacturers.

With SYNA.OS LOGISTICS, it’s different: The software is not limited to a specific hardware manufacturer. Instead, it operates independently. As a result, the customer is able to choose freely and decide between numerous vehicles and manufacturers. The one requirement: The vehicles have to support the VDA-5050 standard. Then additional AGVs can be quickly added to an existing fleet.

Many manufacturers and large associations support this new standard. Customers already have access to a large selection, which allows them to save a great deal of money. They can also save valuable time because the selection process becomes significantly faster. Customers only have to select the hardware of their choice – the control stand and further IT integration are no longer necessary. Another advantage: Employees are already trained in using the SYNAOS control stand, which means no further training is required.


Plan big, save more!


The second hypothetical customer is thinking bigger and planning on 30 AGVs that would cost 1.5 million euros all together. In this scenario, two different manufacturers supply the vehicles. When calculating this scenario, the ROI cost calculator indicates total savings of 895,000 euros in the first year. In subsequent years, 95,000 euros can be saved each year, resulting in total savings of 1,275,000 euros after five years. That’s a considerable amount!

By using SYNA.OS LOGISTICS, 6 vehicles are eliminated in this scenario. This allows the customer to save a total of 895,000 euros in the first year and 95,000 euros per year after that.

More precisely, optimization through SYNA.OS LOGISTICS makes it possible to eliminate the purchase of 6 AGVs (300,000 euros) and their added maintenance costs (30,000 euros per year). It is also possible to eliminate the purchase of two control stations (300,000 euros) plus maintenance (45,000 euros). As a result, IT integration including maintenance are no longer required, saving an additional 220,000 euros.

A potential large-scale customer achieves the greatest savings in the third scenario, with 150 vehicles from three different manufacturers. Thanks to the use of SYNA.OS LOGISTICS, only 120 vehicles are required to manage the entire workload. This results in a considerable total savings of 3,280,000 euros for the first year when adding up all costs. In following years, the ROI calculator indicates annual savings of 380,000 euros, which results in a total of 4.8 million euros after five years.

A customer who was planning on using 150 vehicles can save the considerable sum of 3.28 million euros. With SYNA.OS LOGISTICS, the customer requires 30 fewer vehicles. In following years, annual savings of 380,000 euros can be achieved.

The detailed calculation: When purchasing the AGVs, the customer saves 1.5 million euros during the first year because 30 vehicles are not needed. This also eliminates annual maintenance costs amounting to 150,000 euros. An additional 900,000 euros can be eliminated for control software plus its maintenance (180,000 euros). For IT integration, total savings of 550,000 euros are achieved. In the first year, this results in a total of 3.28 million euros.

Even these simplified examples demonstrate the savings that can be achieved thanks to SYNA.OS LOGISTICS alone. Let our expert team calculate your own custom scenario and learn how much money you can save.