Software guides the future of intralogistics

With its software, SYNAOS is revolutionizing intralogistics and turning Industry 4.0 into a reality. Artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art cloud technology are making the impossible possible.

The future of intralogistics is all about software – that’s precisely where SYNAOS comes in. The one-of-a-kind Software Operating System SYNA.OS LOGISTICS synchronizes vehicles, forklifts and mobile robots based on their real time data and harnesses the power of complexity. AI-based algorithms optimize processes every second, improving efficiency. Starting with billions of options, the software always finds the right solution: this is possible thanks to computing power from the cloud.


SYNA.OS LOGISTICS is a clever conductor


In factories and logistics centers, autonomous vehicles and forklifts transport goods. The problem: Because the vehicles often come from different hardware manufacturers, they are not controlled centrally.

The result is an intralogistics chaos that makes precise planning extremely difficult and causes expensive problems.

The solution: SYNA.OS LOGISTICS networks all vehicles together independently of their hardware and acts like a conductor, bringing the individual vehicles together to form a perfectly harmonized orchestra. There’s a reason the company’s name stands for “Synchronizing Chaos”.


AI and modern cloud power


The rigid rules that still determine processes in many operations are no longer up-to-date. Instead, SYNA.OS LOGISTICS uses artificial intelligence to optimize the distribution of tasks and the vehicle routes. Extremely flexible, always in real time.

Adaptive algorithms calculate up to 250,000 possible solution paths – per second.

This allows the software to react without hesitation to disruptions or operating errors: For example, if a vehicle suddenly breaks down, another one immediately takes over that task. The software can securely manage even enormous fleets of up to 1,000 vehicles: after all, flexible scalability is one of the system’s key features.

Clever distribution of goods reduces delays by up to 60 percent. Efficiency is increased and costs are reduced. In addition, software achieves savings over expensive hardware: As a result of holistic optimization, fewer vehicles are needed for the same workload, which can reduce costs by up to 30 percent. AI-based algorithms reduce the fleet size to the essential minimum and thus provide relief for halls with heavy traffic – a real revolution for intralogistics.

No other solution on the market delivers comparable results. Where other systems reach their limit, SYNAOS is just getting started.

But it’s not just internal values that matter, the design also has to be attractive! Many applications in the industry are not designed to be user-centric, which makes them confusing to use. In contrast, the user interface of SYNA.OS LOGISTICS features a clear design and is easy to understand. The focus is always on the user: All relevant information is displayed to provide the user with a constant overview. These are the kind of details that make the software from SYNAOS so special.


Rapid growth for SYNAOS


SYNAOS was founded in 2018 and has grown steadily since then: more than 90 employees are currently working for the company in the heart of Hanover. By the end of 2018, SYNAOS had already found a powerful financial investor in Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg, which provided six million euros. SYNAOS has also established numerous hardware partnerships, for example with Linde, Götting, MLR, SEW, Safelog, Tünkers and Kuka.

The first reference customers for SYNAOS are Volkswagen AG and the online retailer Connox.


Founders and experts


The three founders of SYNAOS, Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg (CEO), Dr. Lennart Bochmann (CPO) and Tobias Gagern (CTO) have many years of experience between them in the automotive industry as well as the field of IT. Their valuable expertise is now flowing through the veins of SYNAOS and driving the startup to peak performance.

The advisory board of SYNAOS is also staffed by experienced experts, for example AI pioneer Professor Wolfgang Wahlster, inventor of the term Industry 4.0 and co-initiator of the movement. He is joined by entrepreneur Lars Jankowfsky, one of the most well-known tech entrepreneurs in the world. With us from the start is Albert Klein, the Chairman of the Advisory Board, who has connections with important investors around the world. Together, they strive to successfully fulfil the promise of Industry 4.0.


Press material and interviews


You can find more information as well as printable photos and logos on our website: The attached press kit provides you with detailed information about SYNAOS and SYNA.OS LOGISTICS. Still have questions? Contact us at We will answer them quickly and would also be happy to arrange a contact for an interview.